Large Balance CRE Transactions Sought

Our Mandate and Partnership with 2 Korean Investment Firms and a Sovereign Wealth Fund

has provided us with this  opportunity. These funds are seeking to deploy significant debt (and equity)

capital under the following guidelines:

*Minimum of $100M per project (will go down to $50M on a select basis)
*Interest rates of 3.15% to 5%
*60% to 65% Leverage Senior Debt, can go to 75% Leverage with a mezzanine piece.

Higher leverage possible with equity on a select basis
*Acquisition and Refinance
*Primary Markets
*Core Assets
*45 Days to Close
*Permanent and Bridge Financing - Stabilized and Sub-performing Assets

*Sponsors Must Be Strong and Experienced

We will pay significant finders fees to brokers. The funds can also co-fund/syndicate deals with lenders if necessary.  

For a confidential and discreet discussion of your finance request please call

Tony Baldwin

Senior Director

AIUS, llc

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AIUS, llc

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